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Directly Imported from Japan Noritama is a very famous Furikake rice seasoning in Japan.

It went on the market in 1960 and became a big hit in 1963 thanks to a Japanese anime seal attached to the product as a freebie.

Since then, Marumiya Noritama has been a standard rice seasoning in Japan, and even now it holds the largest share in Japan’s Furikake market.

Therefore, it is no exaggeration to say that the Marumiya Noritama Furikake is one of the most beloved rice seasonings in Japan.


# Marumiya Noritama N.P. (New Pack)+ The primary bases of the Marumiya Noritama Furikake rice seasoning are thin short strips of dried seaweed laver and sweet, savory egg flakes as “Nori (のり)” refers to seaweed laver and “Tama (たま)” stands for “Tamago (たまご)” meaning egg in Japanese.

# Marumiya Honkatsuo New Pack Marumiya Honkatsuo Rice Topping is made from bonito fish flakes, used for sprinkling on top of rice. It can also be used to flavour rice-based snacks such as sushi rolls and onigiri rice balls. Try mixing furikake into plain rice or sushi rice, then making your sushi rolls or onigiri rice balls as normal.

# Marumiya Iso no Kaori Roasted Seaweed Furikake Rice Sprinkle 22g This furikaka features a roasted seaweed flavor. Furikake is a dry Japanese seasoning that is usually sprinkled on top of cooked rice, vegetables, and fish. It is usually consisted of a mixture of sesame seeds, chopped seaweed, sugar, salt, and MSG. Furikake is usually a bright color and flaky. It can have fish or seafood flavoring and is sometimes spicy.

# Marumiya Tarako New Pack Tarako means salted cod roe. This contains crispy Tarako flake and nori (Seaweed) Ingredients; cod roe, salt, wheat, sesame, sugar, palm oil, dried mackerel, an extract of bonito, egg, rapeseed oil, butter, sweet rice wine, and amino acid.

#Marumiya Nori Wasabi Furikake NP This furikaka features a Nori Wasabi flavor, which refers to seaweed and wasabi in Japanese. It contains seaweed, dried wasabi and dried beef.

# Marumiya Umaaji Sake Furikake Marumiya Furikake Uma Aji Sake (Salmon Rice Seasoning) good for your bento and onigiri! It seasons your homemade cook deliciously.

# Marumiya Sukiyaki Beef Furikake Marumiya Sukiyaki Beef Furikake is a simple bag adds a flavorful kick to every bowl, inspired by dishes and ingredients such as eggs , seaweed and beef.