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  • Product Number Weight/Unit 商品重量 Brand Product Dimensions
  • Signature 1.10 kg LaiFa 来发记 7.70cm x 34.50cm x 21.50cm
至尊系列 Signature Series

结合黑刺 + 猫山王 = 最顶级的冰皮月饼
Black Thorn durian output are less, therefore it’s very precious; the taste and aroma are particularly strong!

净含量 Net Weight:60g x 6pcs = 360g

-猫山王榴莲冰皮月饼 Musang King Snowy Mooncake 60g x 5pcs
-黑刺榴莲冰皮月饼 Black Thorn Snowy Mooncake 60g x 1pc
-精美保温袋 Fine Cooler Bag x 1pc
-精致刀叉 Fork & Knife x 1 set

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