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  • Product Number Weight/Unit Brand Product Dimensions
  • 39-XM625HABW2LGANMY 3.90 kg 42.00cm x 27.00cm x 23.00cm

Product details of XMAVacuum-289VC (Green)


Dusty homes are a nightmare. Why feed that sinuses and allergies? Get rid of dusty homes in a fast and efficient manner. Leaving no trace like it was never there. The XMA Vacuum might just be what you need. Now in a funky green, vacuum those dusts away in absolute style.

Washable cloth bag

Save yourself the hassle of repeatedly purchasing bags for your vacuum cleaner, as it tends to burn a hole in your pocket over time. The XMA Vacuum come with a washable bag that is both practical and convenient.

Lower Noise Design

No more noisy vacuuming with this special feature. No need to wake your kids, or your sleeping parents while cleaning your home. Let your loved ones enjoy their favourite TV show with minimal disturbance.

High suction power

Spotless cleaning with minimal effort. The XMA Vacuum comes with a high suction power, easing you off the trouble of having to go over the same carpet twice. Cleaning your home should never have to be so difficult. Make it easier, the smart way.