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  • Product Number Weight/Unit Brand Product Dimensions
  • 39-XM625HABW2JRANMY 18.00 kg 515.00cm x 533.00cm x 455.00cm

Product details of XMA 50MB Refrigerator 50L


It's always nice to have a personal refreshment storage for our own selves, particularly when the weather is blazing hot. Store your favourite soft drinks, and even fresh fruits in the XMA-50MB mini bar. Comes in a sleek white box design that blends easily in your bedroom's interior design



Compact and Stylish

The XMA-50MB mini bar has a clean back design that can easily fit into your home anywhere. Its compact size is even suitable in your room! You can store your favorite beverages so you can enjoy your drinks without making a trip to the kitchen.

Direct Cooling System

This mini bar features a powerful direct cooling system that keeps your beverages fresh and nicely cold all day long. You can call your friends and family to hang out in your room and enjoy chilled drinks comfortably and casually.

Adjustable Legs

This mini bar is a domestic bar fridge with adjustable leveling legs for your own convenience. You can adjust its level to suit your preference and convenience. So get this mini fridge that is perfect for you in all occasions!