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  • Product Number Weight/Unit Brand Product Dimensions
  • 39-XM625HADV3FRANMY 5.80 kg 48.00cm x 14.00cm x 50.00cm

Product details of XMA-168SF Stand Fan 16 inch


Hot and humid is definitely an uncomfortable atmosphere. Trying to get a good night’s sleep or an afternoon siesta, or even having a chillaxing with a small gathering, can already make you break into a sweaty frenzy. The XMA Stand Fan might just be what you need.

Speed control

Don’t get too chilled, or stay warm too long. The XMA 16" inch Stand Fan comes with a 3 speed control. Giving you the pleasure of being completely comfortable on your own terms.

Super Quiet Motor

Noisy fans, are as good as an annoying mosquito. Constantly a buzz in the ears, defeating the purpose of achieving a blissful sleep. The XMA Stand Fan, will never pose that problem to you. With a super quiet motor, a pin drop silence will be lulling you to sleep, with a gentle breeze.

Full oscillation

The XMA Stand Fan has a 90 º oscillation, providing your room with that breeze in every nook and corner. Feel the breeze regardless where you are. A good sleep requires a good breezy, atmosphere. Reward yourself with what you deserve.