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  • Product Number Weight/Unit Brand Product Dimensions
  • 39-XM625HAAA5JG0JAMY 4.90 kg 42.00cm x 27.00cm x 23.00cm


Product details of XMA-88 Glass Gas Stove


Tired of getting ready to eat out? Love homemade cooking but your kitchen space is limited? Then the kitchen gas stove range from XMA is all you need.

Efficient Cooking

The XMA 88 double burner gas stove is such a delight for those who always do light cooking. This chic glass hob stove ignites automatically with a turn of its dial. The efficient burner helps to fully utilise your gas barrel and reduce wasting. The rotating inlet pipe is designed for easy piping.

Spick and Span

The XMA 88 trivet is detachable and the panel is non-stick for easy cleaning. Hurry and get your own XMA gas stove today!