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  • 99-21053471A 0.10 kg Xiaomi 3.70cm x 1.36cm x 0.99cm

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During aerobic exercises the heart rate sensor allows you to control the pace, the heart rate, to handle  the state of your movement at every moment, and to generally improve the work of the heart and as a result of correct load — to increase the volume of the lungs.

Mi Band connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth and can work for 30 days with no need to recharge.

Daily data update!

Mi Band gives you the opportunity to track your daily distance traveled, to control the amount of the calories burned
during your sports activities and also to specify your sleep phases frequency and to set the alarms.
With Mi Band you will take your life movement under control!

Morning running? Not a problem! Fitness Bracelet Mi Band will provide you all information about
the distance which you have overcome and will calculate the number of steps traveled and calories burned.

Evening biking? All the better! Do not forget to wear Mi Band, and all the information about
your mileage will be displayed on the smartphone screen.

Even your evening meetings with friends or shopping sessions will not go unnoticed with your
new assistsant! Enjoy life and your physical activity level will be in control with your new fitness bracelet Xiaomi Mi Band.

To feel cheerful and full of energy you just need to get enough sleep. And Mi Band will help you to
ensure healthy sleep and a light morning waking. With its capability to control the phases of your sleep
Mi Band wakes you up in proper time and in good mood.

Mi Band works while you sleep!

When the morning comes Mi Band gives you an impuls that makes you wake up.

Real-time Bluetooth connection!

Once you have connected to your phone via Bluetooth, the bracelet stays connected around the clock.
Due to the low level of energy consumption you can use the bracelet without recharging for thirty days.
When you open the special application for Mi Band the basic information will be displayed on your smartphone screen.
Moreover, after one year of bracelet usage, all the collected data is analyzed.
On the basis of this analysis you have the opportunity to get a medical advice on a healthy lifestyle.

Also you have the possibility to share the story of your physical activity with your friends
and acquaintances on Twitter or other social networks.

Easy screen unlock!

In order to unlock the screen of your smartphone now you have no need to remember complex combinations.
Just raise the hand with the bracelet Mi Band worn. This feature will also greatly increase the
level of safety of your smartphone regarding the access of unauthorized persons to it.

Control of incoming calls!

With Mi Band bracelet you'll never miss an important phone call. Being in a noisy environment,
which mutes the audio call of a smartphone, you can count on your new friend,
that will notify you of an incoming call by vibration after a while.

The fitness bracelet Xiaomi Mi Band has a motion sensor and Bluetooth 4.0 chip. It is powered by
225 mAh battery, which ensures stable operation of the device for more than four years.
The ultra-low power consumption level ensures continuous work of Mi Band for over 30 days.

30 days without recharging!

After the battery is fully charged bracelet can be used continuously for 30 days,
which is 4 times longer than the average duration of the charge of other devices.

Ingress protection IP67!

The bracelet is made according to ingress protection standard IP67.
It is fully dust protected and is not afraid of short-term water impact.

The bracelet search function

Also Mi band is equipped with a search function. To make a search just click on "Find Mi Band"
on your smartphone and if it the bracelet is located in the range of Bluetooth signal it will vibrate and flash.