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  • 99 - 25252131G 0.14 kg Xiaomi 0.00cm x 0.00cm x 0.00cm

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Product Specification of XIAOMI Mi Piston Hybrid Pro Hi-Res Quantie In Ear Headphone Headset

Type of Headphones: In-ear, Wired control: Available, Colors: Gold
Standards: GB/T 14471-2013,Jack Type:3.5mm Gold Plated
Weight: 14g, Sensitivity: 101dB, Rated Power: 5mW
Cable Length: 1.25m,
Speaker Impedance: 32Ω,
Conductor Material: Enameled Copper Wire
Frequency Response: 20-20,000Hz



One set of headphones 2 different sound
Richer Treble
Deeper Bass
Hybrid Dynamic


20 steps towards the creation of metal earphones

Reunion of wonderful sounding of headset and moving design. We kept liked by everyone
metallic element of piston earphones: engraving, CD pattern, anodizing and other 20 polishing technologies. For a long time,
you can use earphones, but they will not wear out and will not change its color. External earphones bend has repeatedly
been polished, so Mi In-Ear Headphones Quantie (Hybrid, Pro) are the embodiment of pleasant tactile
sensations and fashionable style. Do not forget to take your earphones before you go out!



High-quality microphone, distinct speech
Micro microphone, noise reduction during the conversation



Compact microphone, S / N Ratio — 58dB (A), it indicates that the quality of the speech
became the best. No need to hold a microphone near the face, because no noise will bother you anymore.
Changing the design of the control unit on the earphone cable, more convenient way to control.



Earphone “Warming up”

Already on leaving the factory, Mi In-Ear Headphones Quantie (Hybrid, Pro) have all the
settings for a great sound extraction. But, like all high-quality headphones, they need a certain “warming up”
to give full play to its features and capabilities. Therefore, after a certain time of use, earphones will be able to achieve
a stable level of sound. But do not worry if you have not previously heard of earphones “warming up”. Acoustic Research Department
of 1More has developed a special application “APP warming up” for all users: need only to insert earphones and perform one-click “warm-up”
of musical instrument. You can also, according to your preferences, choose a “warm-up” of music, volume and duration of the play.