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  • S99- 196537326-64GB 0.20 kg Xiaomi 15.26cm x 0.76cm x 7.40cm

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Product Details of XIAOMI Mi Note 3 64GB - Black

Mi Note 3
Make more beautiful photo with improved camera algorithm

16 MP selfy camera
2x zoom dual camera
Face unlock
5.5″ screen with eye protection

Front 16 MP sensor selfy-camera
Outstanding low-light performance

2.0 µm pixel size gives detail-rich good photos and better expression of dark parts.

Noise on photo happens because pixels are not representing the color or the exposure correctly.
There is no room for noise when you use 16MP with large 2.0 µm pixel!

We all know, the bigger the pixel, more light is captured thus better lowlight performance.

Dark light camera, the intelligent synthesis of the 4 pixels into a 2μm large pixel, to enhance
the resolution of the dark part, so that makes a huge difference in the photo quality.

The maximum detailing of the picture in conjunction with the illumination of the darkened
sections of the photo gives an astonishing result. The front camera Xiaomi Mi Note
3 has a resolution of 16 megapixels and high photosensitivity, which
means that even in the dark the photos will be clear and bright.

16MP, skin texture more delicate
2μm large pixels, to avoid noise in your images
Better low-light performance.

AI is your exclusive makeup artist
No more mask-like beautifying

More natural and more smooth beautiful skin with facial beautification, get rid of

dark circles and mask-like effect. Front camera comes with a list of great
features such as Artificial intelligence, supports 226 bones
RBI, and 3D shaping face-lift.

Use the Mi Note 3 to shoot the stunning selfies
Double photo camera, 2x optical lossless zoom with a still clear perspective

Four-axis optical image stabilization, SLR-like background blur helps you
reach really professional photo quality and amaze all friends
and followers with breathtaking portraits and landscapes.

The dual camera, which has a wide-angle and telephoto lenses, received a more
advanced 2x optical zoom and with 4-axis OIS, allowing you to zoom in on
subjects without distortion or to shoot with the bokeh effect
— blurring the background on the SRL level.

You can capture close-up shots with a 27mm 1x zoom, and then simply
switch to the 52mm 2x zoom lens and capture pictures
at greater distances without any loss in detail.

As well as offering up more detail at a distance, these dual camera setups
also allow for advanced HDR processing that we’ve seen
from other multi-camera configurations.

Dual camera technology represents a notable step forward for smartphone photography.

Face unlock
New generation of fast speed unlocking technology


To unlock the Xiaomi Mi Note 3 phone, you only need to put your face in front of selfie camera,
after that phone automatically recognizes your face features and then unlocks.

It takes just a moment to unlock your Mi Note 3.

Dry fingers or wet hands — do not worry about difficult fingerprint identification
anymore, just look at the phone and it’s ready to use.

It is more convenient to wear sports gloves or mittens in winter with ultrafast Face unlock.

5.5 " screen take care of your eye
Night mode with brightness just 1 nit

Convenient 5.5-inch display with eye protection, 1080p resolution and 550 nit highlight

screen that also supports 1nit comfortable nighttime brightness.

Gentle mode for the eyes reduces the intensity of the blue color and
is suitable for use in a dark room or at night.

Fantastic four-sided curved glass body
Light and strong metal frame, elegant details

You can find Mi Note 3 design familiar because it looks like Mi 6, that already made a

strong impression, but has 5.5 inches screen compared with 5.15 inches in Mi 6.

Aside from bigger size, there are some more improvements in Mi Note 3.
Ultra-light four-surface with 7 series of aviation aluminum metal frame feel more rounded.

Four-sided curved glass body brings true joy of user experience.
It is available in black and blue colors.

The stainless steel frame found on the Mi 6 is replaced with a 7 series of aviation aluminum.
Mi Note 3 weight only 163 g, so it’s lighter than the above-mentioned
Mi 6 — even though it is larger.

Standard 6GB memory
High-end eight-core processor Snapdragon 660

Large memory capacity — 6GB LPDDR4×1866MHz dual channel and optional 128GB

/ 64GB eMMC 5.1 high-speed flash memory gives a lot of opportunities
to enjoy your smartphone completely.

6GB + 64GB
6GB + 128GB
Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 660
Adreno 512 GPU
3500mAh battery

Adreno 512 graphics processor with the highest frequency of 650MHz will deal easily
with graphic-intensive games, apps, and animations. All of it to attain rich
user experience with low power consumption.

High-end SoC Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 660 mobile platform with Qualcomm® Kryo
CPU built on ARM Cortex Technology designed to support a leap in performance
supporting advanced photography and enhanced gaming, in addition to
long battery life and fast LTE speeds for top-tier smartphones and
tablet, Snapdragon 660 offers up to 30% higher graphics
performance and twice the LTE and Wi-Fi downlink
speed compared to the prior generation

SoC Snapdragon 660 scores more than 100,000 points in AnTuTu.

It has four Kryo 260 cores, which operate at 1.8 GHz, and four high-performance
Kryo 280 cores with a clock speed of 2.2 GHz. The processor supports
2×2 MU-MIMO Wi-Fi 802.11ac, which provides twice the bandwidth.

2×2 dual-band Wi-Fi support for better signal reception

Long-living battery


3500mAh(typ) / 3400mAh(min)battery for satisfying all your needs

Thanks to a system-level power optimization this smartphone will allow you to enjoy modern
life bonuses for long. With this thick and lightweight body — 152.6×74×7.6 mm
and 163g only, this gadget is really a monster when we are
talking about long-life ability.

A large screen requires an appropriate battery, so in addition to the increased battery capacity,
Xiaomi also added a quick charge function that fully charges the phone for 30 minutes.