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  • Water Bottle 0.40 kg Piyo Piyo 0.00cm x 0.00cm x 0.00cm
Piyo Piyo presents Water Bottle with sliding lid to assist your baby in transitioning from a bottle to a straw cup. The tip of the soft silicon straw has a cross cut design so that the fluid will not spill easily even when the bottle tips over or falls. The straw pops up only when the lid slides open. The integrated outside and inside lid structure ensures no more messing lid.

Cross-cut straw
350ml cup base
Duck-billed lid
Highly recommended to clean the bottle with tollyjoy liquid bottle and teat cleanser

Bottle/Top & Lid : Polypropylene
Straw :Polystyrene
Straw Tip : Silicone
Temperature Resistance : 20 Degree - 100 Degree C

Packing : 1 unit / Pack