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  • 99- 166792462 0.25 kg Xiaomi 11.44cm x 8.00cm x 8.00cm

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Product Details of Xiaomi XiaoYi Yi Home Camera

Yi Smart IP Camera is an important part of the Xiaomi ecosystem.

This is a small and high-quality camera which can perform the most useful functions to give you extra eyes.
111 degrees viewing angle makes the camera indispensable as an electronic peephole,
a surveillance system and a baby monitor.

This smart device automatically turns on when the motion is detected.
At the same time it sends a message about the situation to your smartphone.

Also, the camera has a two-way audio communication feature and it can take pictures in
maximum size of 1280×720 pixels. In addition, it has a 4x optical zoom.

Xiaomi Yi Smart IP Camera supports such data transmission protocols: IPV4, UDP, TCP, HTTP, RTP / RTSP, DHCP, P2P.
It can be used as a webcam to chat with friends via Skype and similar programs;
also you can take it on a trip and use it as an action camera and DVR.

The device has a feature of two-way communication so it can be a perfect nanny for children or
pets — you can talk to them remotely using the Yi Smart IP Cam.

The camera supports micro SD memory cards. In addition, it transmits the video via WiFi.
Glass lenses and the sensitive sensor allow you to “see” using camera
with a minimum illumination.

The camera does not capture an image in complete darkness, because it does not have an infrared illumination.
But at the slightest appearance of a light source, it starts to capture the high-quality image
which is also transmitted to your smartphone.

At certain settings the Xiaomi Yi Smart IP Camera can transmit the data to several WiFi networks automatically.
For example, if the network is disconnected, the camera can easily transmit the image via neighbors
WiFi or the backup lin. 
Also, the camera is designed in a futuristic style and it
will definitely become an adornment of any home.

A wide range of tasks and a low price make the Yi Smart IP Camera a very useful part of the “smart home”
by Xiaomi ecosystem. 
So, this is a perfect device with 720p resolution, a 111-degree wide-angle lens
and 4x zoom. You can use the application for the smartphone for more useful functions.

The webcam features give you the opportunity of two-way voice communication.
The camera starts recording immediately when the slightest motion is
Users can activate and view all the videos at any time.