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  • Product Number Weight/Unit Brand Product Dimensions
  • 13-775315 (1) 4.50 kg 37.80cm x 28.70cm x 32.50cm

Garment Steamer

- Heating time : 45 seconds
- Steam flow : 30g/m
- Steam available : 60mins
- Power : 1700w
- Water thank capacity : 1.7 Litre
- Easy to move and store with attached wheels
- Dimension : 378 x 287 x 325 (mm)

Benefits of a Clothes Steamer :
One of the main benefits that a steamer has is that it can be used to get out wrinkles not only from clothes, but also other various fabrics. It can be used from the thinnest silk to the most hardened denim material. The steamer can be also very successfully used to steam out wrinkles from hanging curtains. Taking off curtains from their hangers on the windows is not an easy task, and many women dread the once or twice a year burden of having to do this. Now this is no longer necessary. With the use of the clothes steamer, curtains are really a breeze to get wrinkle free.
As steam is a very good sterilizer, the portable clothes steamer is often used on fabrics to keep the germs away. Also while ironing many times leaves a particular odor on the clothes, the steamer leaves them odor free, giving them a fresh feel.
Steamers have been successfully used for wedding ceremonies. They often have been used to smoothen and get wrinkles out of bridesmaid dresses.

An additional benefit of a steamer versus traditional ironing is that it removes wrinkles up to five times faster than the iron.
Ironing can be a tough work, with the pressing and making sure the pleats are neatly press that will definitely bring out multitude of problems. With the risk of damaging the garment because of the excess heat and the time needed to iron one garment is beyond ridiculous. Worry no more! Because the iDover Garment Steamer will help to ease your daily chores and crisp your laundry to the perfection.

2 Heat Settings
Introducing the iDover Garment Steamer is one of the most high quality performance appliances that will make your garment neat and polished after the simple ironing session. Designed fabulously for easy ironing, this garment steamer has 2-heat-settings that will accommodate various type of materials with wrinkle-free finish without the extra effort of pressing hard.

This easy to move and store garment will ensure a more hygienic lifestyle. Garment steamer is well known for fighting the bacteria and mould to ensure cleaner and safer environment in your closet all day, all year, all life! The heat that is administers through steam reduces physical contact between the clothing and the iron, proving it to be more hygienic and residue free.

Hassle-free Ironing
The iDover Garment Steamer offers you hassle free ironing, making the task easier and faster than never before! With easy movement on all fabrics, you can be sure that you won’t sweat at all and bound to stay for the longest run.

What's in the Box :
- 1 x iDover Garment Steamer
- 1 x User manual

* 1 year manufacturing warranty