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  • Product Number Weight/Unit 商品重量 Brand Product Dimensions
  • misosoup750g 0.00 kg 35.00cm x 30.00cm x 10.00cm

Hikari Mutenka Miso Inaka 375g or 750g (Halal)

“Maru-Mu” Mutenka Miso Inaka Hikari Miso Mutenka Inaka Miso is made using high quality natural ingredients, and then aged, to produce a ripe miso with the robust umami of soybeans and a rich aroma. HALAL certified, this is an aged miso ripe with the robust umami of soybeans and rich aroma. High-quality miso from natural ingredients, with no food additives in any of the products in this Maru-Mu series.

Sizes: 375g or 750g