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Cancellation and Return Policy (Buyer)

All purchase with AppAsia Marketplace is final, no amendment or cancellation will be allowed once the order is confirmed.

AppAsia Marketplace only allows Buyers to amend or cancel order in the following circumstances:-

i.                 unavailability of the stocks;

ii.                amendment of order is subject to the Merchant's discretion and the availability of the Products.

However, Buyers are NOT allowed to amend or cancel confirmed orders of Fresh Products such as fresh food, fresh vegetables and etc.

AppAsia Marketplace does not guarantee that order amendment request will be accepted, and/or warrant that the price, offer, availability or any other aspect of a cancelled order, either in whole or in part, will remain the same for any subsequent purchase or order.

AppAsia Marketplace can only accept cancellation request once it is confirmed that the order has yet been shipped and upon obtaining the verification from the Merchant and third party delivery partner. The confirmation process usually takes within 48 hours.

Once the order cancellation has been reviewed and approved, Buyers will be eligible for a refund of the amount paid. Alternatively, Buyers shall receive the refund in the AppAsia Account assigned to the Buyers.

No replacement order is allowed once the cancellation is confirmed. Buyers wish to purchase the same Products have to perform a new purchase request via AppAsia Marketplace again.

For any order amendment or cancellation, please email to AppAsia Customer Service at [email protected] or call us at +603-21819999.



Products can be returned within seven (7) days after received of the Products if they are incorrect, damaged, defective, or does not fit (applicable for CLOTHES only). There are absolutely NO RETURN Products such as undergarments, socks, and swimwear due to hygienic purposes.

The Products are incorrect if they are not the Products that Buyer has ordered and purchased. For example, the model, size, or colour is different from what is indicated on the Products and order summary, or there are missing items or parts inside the packaging.  The Products may be considered damaged if found so at the time of delivery.

The Products may be considered defective if they do not function as described by the manufacturer’s or Merchant’s specifications.

Conditions to be fulfilled for returned Products:

1. The Products must be shipped back to AppAsia within seven (7) days from the date of Products received.

2. Buyers are advised to contact AppAsia Customer Service before making a return. Preliminary screening of the Products which intended to be returned may be requested before the return shipment is made.

3. The returned Products must be accompanied by a completed Return Sheet.

4. The Products must not have been used or installed in any manner. All securely sealed Products must not be opened, especially electronic items unless we can ascertain that they were found defective at the time of opening. Products purchased as part of a set or multi-item pack must be returned as a whole set.

5. Upon receiving the returned Products, AppAsia will inspect the Products and review the case accordingly. This verification and approval process includes inspection, testing and fraud screening, and AppAsia may review the case with the Merchant and third party delivery partners.

6. Only if the returned Products meet the conditions above, and passes the review and inspection process, AppAsia will advise Buyers on the replacement Products or the refund process. If Buyers are not eligible for the refund, the returned Products will be shipped back to Buyers. Any refund to Buyers will be paid with the value for the Products purchased.

7. However, if refund is allowed and the Products initially were purchased using a AppAsia Marketplace Promotion Code or AppAsia Cash Voucher, AppAsia Marketplace reserves the right to subtract the proportional amount of the Promotion Code or AppAsia Cash Voucher amount from the refund amount and the shipping charges shall be adjusted with the refund amount proportionately.

8. If the Products are covered by a warranty, the Buyers may contact the relevant warranty centre or service provider for assistance.

To seek for a return of Products, please email to AppAsia Customer Service at [email protected] or call us at +603-21819999.