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  • 99 - 23894944 0.50 kg Xiaomi 14.13cm x 6.96cm x 0.89cm


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Red Mi 4 (16GB), Products sold are 100% Genuine from XIAOMI China, Back Camera 13MP,
Front Camera: 5MP, Network Connections: 2G|3.5G - HSDPA|3G|4G, Operating System: Android (Marshmallow),
Phone Features: Expandable Memory|Fingerprint Sensor|Touchscreen|GPS, Processor Type: Octa-core,
RAM memory: 2GB, Storage Capacity: 16GB, Screen Type: IPS LCD, Video Resolution: 1080p

Redmi 4 — low-maintenance metal flagship phone

Xiaomi Redmi smarphones are a burgeoning phenomenon! Redmi 4 Standard Edition
(SE) and Redmi 4 High Edition (HE) finally saw the light with a bunch of
fascinating features: they both received a solid metal casing,
are equipped with a fierce Snapdragon processor, have a
fast MIUI 8operating system with a “second space”
option, enabling to double open applications.


Metal body shines at every angle

This is a metal era for Xiaomi’s handsets. The metal used for the body not only provides its
endurance in terms of structure and color but also protects internal parts and disperses
heat well.
Redmi 4 SE and Redmi 4 HE has an iconic metal capsule. It takes 30 steps
to go from a solid aluminum
ingot to the finished product, including CNC cutting,
anodizing, sandblasting processes and polishing. Such an approach ensures
a superior grip experience from the first moment you take it.




Advanced energy management

Redmi 4 HE houses as large as a 4100 mAh battery. Combined with a low-power
Snapdragon 625 processor, based on  14-nm  technology, it translates
into 9 days of performance with moderate usage. MIUI 8 helps to
maximize charge efficiency, preventing background applications
start automatically. Sudden battery depletion is not
to worry about so you can take a rest watching
10 episodes of your favorite TV show.



High-performance Snapdragon processor

Redmi 4 hosts a great performance processor in the same vein as a previous generation of
Redmi phones. Application opening became a matter of milliseconds. Redmi 4 HE
sports a thunderous  8-core  Snapdragon 625 chip with  64-bit  architecture.
Redmi 4 SE is packed with a lighter Snapdragon 430, which is still
efficient to handle everyday applications. For those, who like to
play HD games, watch videos, use the phone for
Internet connection, this one is a great solution.