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  • Product Number Weight/Unit Brand Product Dimensions
  • S112-SKN0534 4.40 kg Travel Star 38.00cm x 25.00cm x 55.00cm

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Product Details of Travel Star Kainier Series 2 in 1 Luggage
Set 14 inches + 24 inches Purple

If you're heading for a vacation or business trip anytime soon, pick up the Travel Star Kainier
Series 2 in 1 Luggage as your travel companion! Naturally lightweight and capable of
securing all your valuables snugly, this luggage bag is the perfect choice
for your next travel destination.

Attractive Functional Design
The Travel Star Kainier Series 2 in 1 Luggage comes in an elegant full black or purple design to make
it easy for you to recognize your bag at the airport baggage area. It easily fits all your valuable
items with maximum security, and for more loading capacity, you can depend on the extra
compartment outside and the inner side pocket.

Easy To Carry Around
Carry all your valuables conveniently using the naturally. Its ultrasilent 4 wheels glide on smoothly
on any surfaces, and the trolley handle can easily be retractable using the push button. Now
with the Travel Star Kainier Series 2 in 1 Luggage, you can enjoy a fuss-free trip
without any bulky extra baggage in your trunk.

Variety of size
Travel Star Kainier Series 2 in 1 Luggage come in 2 perfect size- 14 inches and 24 inches.
14 inches can be carried on board and this special size weight only 0.8kg. It let you
carry the luggage easily around the airport during your flight transfer. 24 inches
perfectly suit the need for 1 or 2 peoples travel. Both luggage can be expand
just open up the zip. Enjoy the trip with flexibility and joyness!

Ultralight weight
The 24 inches luggage only 3.5kg and the 14 inches luggage only 0.8kg. Trust it!
Say goodbye to heavy and burden luggage. Grab it now
with no more burden on your trip!

14 inches- 24cm(H) x 30cm(L) x 13cm(W)

24 inches- 55cm(H) x 38cm(L) x 25cm(W)