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  • S112-SKN00001A 7.00 kg Travel Star 41.00cm x 24.00cm x 66.00cm

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Product Details of Travel Star E01 Extendable Ultralight Luggage With
TSA Lock 2 in1 Set (20 Inch+24 Inch)

Jet setting around the globe is not for most people, but if you’re one who loves to travel, you’d understand the need for a
reliable travel companion, and it is not our friends, but bags. The Travel Star E01 Extendable Ultralight Luggage With
TSA Lock 2 in1 Set (20 Inch+24Inch) is made out of durable and sturdy ABS
material to ensure everything inside is safe and sound.

These bags are made out of ABS, which stands for Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene, these are the materials
LEGOs’ are made out off, so you know how durable these things can really be. The ABS materials also
ensure the bags retain its shape, and is able to take on the chucks, drops and
carelessness of certain airliners.

Smoother Wheels
The bags are loaded with clothes, toiletries and such, definitely going to be heavy. So the people from Travel
Star equipped their bags with a rotating 360 castor wheel for a smoother ride as you commute from
the luggage carousel to the exit. The handles of the bags also extend further than most to help
make maneuvering the bags a lot easier.

Secure Your Bags
Travelling from country to country, you will be exposed to different set of judicial law, and air travel
is involves plenty of it. Keep all of your belongings your own, and prevent anybody from
accessing your spacious baggage without you knowing. The TSA combination lock
prevents anybody from entering and altering the contents of your luggage, so
rest easy knowing nobody else can open it except you.

For your Needs
These luggages comes in a variety of sizes, fit for different travel durations and purposes. No matter
carrying a bag too big or too small, you’ll always have one that’s just right. Spacious and secure,
your things will be just as you packed it. .This highly durable luggage bag range is one you
can count on. There will no longer be any unnecessary worries about your luggage
withstanding your travels. This luggage can be extendable
just by unzip to give more space

20 inches: 56cm x 34cm x 22cm (2.5kg)

24 inches: 66cm x 41cm x 24cm (3.5kg)


Available in light grey, Navy Blue
and rose red